Barbette and Northern Spark are collaborating to present B-Lectric: A Celebration of Art and Light on Sunday, January 29th from 4:30pm-9:00pm.  Free! Snow or Shine!   Northern Spark will commission artists to create projections on neighborhood buildings and ice screens that will be set up around the event.  Art Shanties will be on site,  DJ Jake Rudh (Transmission & 89.3 The Current DJ), Infiammati Fire Circus performance, Indeed Brewing, hot toddy's and more!

B-Lectric is proudly a part of The Great Northern festival, 10 days of signature events and new programming in the Twin Cities.  Showcasing the North at its wintery best, this collaborative festival aims to give residents and visitors a reason to get outside, get active, and enjoy the incredible winter season.

A HUGE THANKS to our partners! Indeed Brewing, Effen, Beam, Teacher's, Sauza, City Pages, 89.3 the Current, Uptown Association, Thrifty Hipster, and Yelp!

Northern Lights.mn, the producers of the Northern Spark festival, sees winter as a defining key to our cultural imagination, one that must be cherished even as its existence is threatened by global climate change.  For B-Lectric, Northern Lights will construct custom ice walls that at sunset will become projection screens for a variety of light-based projects.  Highlights include Joshua McGarvey's Ice Fall-Feel the Change, which allows audiences to feel glaciers calving as they lean back into sound beds, and a documentary compilation by local curator Graci Horne, which will showcase new footage from the ongoing pipeline resistance at Standing Rock, North Dakota.  


Art Shanty Projects is an artist driven temporary community exploring the ways in which relatively unregulated public spaces can be used as new and challenging artistic environments to expand notions of what art can be.  B-Lectric will feature a sample of shanties that will be part of the On-Ice Program each weekend from February 4-26 in White Bear Lake.

Chef Shanty (Artist: Jeremy Bue) - This shanty, inspired by cooking and craft, brings art and food together with interactive projects, demonstrations and tastes in one inspired space.  At B-Lectric, Chef Shanty will combine art & food featuring maple syrup lollipops made on site, winter libation samples and a creative outlet to warm your artistic soul.


The Dance Shanty (Artists: Brady Clark, John Each, Bethany Hall, John Pederson, Stu Ralston, Mike Rasmussen, Jake Ryan) - Dancing, a universal language, seeps into the corners of our beings not touched by light, but rather felt by sound and vision.  We open our floor to all and continue to break down boundaries between strangers through dance.  

Sensa-station Story Shanty (Artists: Krista Beier, Andy Fischer, Laura Olson, Asfia Rizwy) - A sensory experience with two unique dreamscapes.  One is soft, wispy and whimsical.  The other is a rough landscape much like Martian territory; spiky, sharp and corroding.  Following the exploration of the rooms, participants will engage in community story writing, inspired by the environments within the shanty.

Vehicle of Expression (Artists: Valerie Borey, Matthew Everett, Christine Jaspers, Jaymee Kjelland, Elizabeth Sowden) - A shanty with a literary bent: a vehicle for writers and readers of poetry, drama, and literature in its many forms.  The bus will be host to a variety of writing activities, readings, and even theatrical performances.



Barbette has produced zero waste events for over 7 years.  Through careful planning and the participation of everyone attending, this event can generate no waste.  By eliminating, reusing, recycling and composting all the discards generated here, we are greatly reducing our impact on the environment!